4 Signs That You Might Have an Anxiety Disorder

Feeling anxious every once in a while and having an anxiety disorder are two very different things. When you have an anxiety disorder, you can become fixated on a thought or feeling that leads you down a rabbit hole of anxious thoughts. While there are different types of anxiety disorders, a common thread between them all is that it interferes with your daily life. Here are four signs that may[…]

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Overlooking Anxiety Can Be Lethal

Heather (Name Changed) was the apple of her daddy’s eye. Her daddy, a Vietnam war veteran, was constantly away when she was growing up. She missed her dad, specifically on the events like her birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Life was going great, however tragedy struck on her 13th birthday when unexpectedly she heard that her dad was no more. Anxiety and depression had actually caused him to committed suicide by[…]

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