strategic thinking

Strategic Thinkers Do You Have What It Take

Strategic thinking is a skill in how we think, assess, view, solve problems and create our future for ourselves and others. It’s basically knowing what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. It’s not always easy to develop a strategic thinkers approach as it’s both mindset and techniques. Strategic thinkers are able to see the big picture, identify the possible impact and set up a plan to get[…]

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stress reduction

Stress Reduction is Key To Healthy Aging

People are often unaware of what stress can do to their mind and body. It’s bad for the heart. Stress and anxiety will certainly give you headaches, or make you really feel clinically depressed. Stress can do many harmful things to your body and mind. Stress reduction is the crucial to healthy aging. If you cope with undesirable stress and anxiety, you will certainly have to do something about it[…]

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Memory Loss : Best way to Reverse Memory Loss

Memory loss is sometimes called forgetfulness because that doesn’t seem as scary as thinking about losing the information that you currently know. Comedians tell jokes about forgetfulness and most people never consider the ways to reverse memory loss. Kids tease their parents when the parent calls them by the wrong name. Friends rib one another when someone forgets a name, or can’t quite recall the details of an event. Recalling[…]

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What Can Cause Memory Loss

There are several reasons for what cause memory loss. Medical science often labels both short and long term memory loss under the heading of ‘amnesia,’ which is then defined as complete or partial. What Cause Memory Loss The most common way that any type of amnesia develops is through a head injury. This type of injury can be the result of a car accident or a simple slip and fall[…]

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stay mobile and flexible

Why it is Crucial to Stay Mobile and Flexible as You Age

There is no shortage of articles, blog posts and video resources concerned with telling you how to age gracefully and avoid harsh-looking lines and wrinkles. But one area that often gets criminally overlooked is why it is important to stay mobile and flexible as you get older through mobility training and other forms of less conventional exercise. In this post, we’ll see why a lack of natural movement may be[…]

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Workout Regularly To live longer

If you workout daily, the idea that you’ll live longer is a guarantee. But getting out of bed for that workout isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be. It’s cold in the winter, dark outside and who wants to hit the pavement jogging at the hour? Or finishing up work when your body is zapped of all its strength and you think you can’t possibly do more than[…]

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eat less

Eat Less to Live Longer Eating Less

You already know that the key to good health is to eat less and live longer. Having a healthy body weight is imperative to having years of extra life. Even carrying twenty pounds of excess weight shows up in your body as a raised blood pressure, strain on the joints – especially the knees – and that winded feeling you get by walking up stairs. Eat less live longer Taking[…]

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slow aging

Best Ways to Slow Aging Appearance

The way we look is something that most of us are very sensitive about . Doing things to slow aging can do wonders for ones appearance.No one wants to feel as though they’re less attractive than they were or than they could be. It’s rather unfortunate then that as we grow older, that’s exactly the way most of us feel as daily life takes its toll on our looks and[…]

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old age

Things You Can Do Now to Protect Your Health in Old Age

Many of us are frightened of old age and the reasons for this are often the same: we don’t like the idea of becoming less mobile and less able to look after ourselves. Some of us will have seen our loved ones suffer in old age and we’ll be frightened that we may face the same fate. Getting older will inevitably mean some decline in your health, but it doesn’t[…]

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Happy people do live longer

Happy people do live longer. Now that’s a reason to smile and be happy! Have you ever gotten tired of advice to ‘cut out this’ or ‘cut out that’ if you want to see your golden years? Don’t worry about what you should or shouldn’t do and instead, concentrate on simply being content with where you are in life. Happy people are positive people There’s always something positive no matter[…]

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