The Real Impact of Smoking

Smoking affects you in big ways, but it also impacts on everyone you know. It affects your looks, your health, and your environment. That means it affects your entire family and all your friends and anyone you meet. A bad smoking habit has a serious impact on all aspects of your life. Impact of Smoking Serious Health Issues Smoking triggers heart problem, lung problems, and more. It’s connected to practically[…]

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What Is Meant by a Bad Habit?

For the most part, a bad habit is something that you do repetitively.It’s usually something you can stop doing when you really and truly decide to.Something that society has deemed to be bad. Often it breaks laws, customs or some moral code of society. There are different categories of bad habits. Most people think that bad habits are something to be avoided because they can often affect your health and[…]

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Bad Habits

Bad Habits Impact Workplace Performance

You may not even realize that some of the bad habits you’ve developed over your lifetime are causing you problems at work. However, if you have any of the habits below, you could be affecting your job (or business) if you’re not aware. Bad Habits Impact  Lack of Sleep  : If you have the bad habit of staying up late because you see yourself as a night owl, but you[…]

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impact of addiction

The Real Impact of Addiction

Many individuals incorrectly presume that their addiction will not damage others. Naturally, it does depend upon what the addition is. But for many ,the real impact of addiction can be overwhelming. At times addiction can truly be very damaging to you and your entire family. Impact Of Addiction * Physically Harmful– Most additions have something to do with drugs, food, or other compounds that can hurt your physical health and[…]

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impact your family

Your bad habits negatively impact your family

Your bad habits can negatively impact your entire family. This is especially true when you have kids. Kids learn most of their bad habits from their parents. If you’re a parent or you influence kids, you may want to do all you can to eliminate your bad habits that negatively impact your family. Bad habits that impact your family Poor Methods for Handling Stressful Events : How you respond to[…]

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impact of bad habits

The Impact of Bad Habits on Your Friends

There are some bad habits that even your good friends will not stick around for. For this reason, you may want to notice the impact of your bad habits on your friends. If you do, you’ll want to apologize for it and stop doing it. You may even be able to get some of your friends to help you manage some of your bad habits. Impact of Bad Habits *[…]

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Eight Seemingly Harmless Habits That Are Actually Bad

Just like there are bad habits that are actually good for you.There are things that people do habitually that they think are good when they’re really not. Maybe it seemed logical but then turned out not to be true once science looked at it. Eight Seemingly Harmless Habits 1. Squeezing Your Pimples – Many people like to squeeze their pimples (or spots as some people call them), but this is[…]

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harm your body

Nine Habits That Harm Your Body

Some habits can develop without you even realizing it. Plus, you may not know that they harm your body. If you want to avoid habits that harm your body, read about these nine body-damaging habits that you can overcome. Habits That Harm Your Body 1. Over-Exercising – Some exercise is good for you, but too much is damaging. This is something that most professional athletes totally understand because often their[…]

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