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You already know that the key to good health is to eat less and live longer. Having a healthy body weight is imperative to having years of extra life. Even carrying twenty pounds of excess weight shows up in your body as a raised blood pressure, strain on the joints – especially the knees – and that winded feeling you get by walking up stairs.

Eat less live longer

eat less

Taking care of the body isn’t just about watching what you eat, that’s just a small portion of the circle – good health is connected. One of those connections is exercise – even if you can only exercise three days a week, it’s far better for you than not doing any form of exercise at all.

Moving at a brisker pace may set your heart to beating harder than it should. We were not all made to weigh the same amount, even if we were all the same height, but we were made to take care of our bodies.

The heart is a muscle, and it needs exercise for good health. Another connection is getting rid of or lessening the stress in your life. Stress can subtract many years from your life, not to mention drain you of energy.

Eating less to live longer might be something you’ve already tried repeatedly. You’ve failed more often than not – and now you’re too discouraged to try to do anything about it.

You might have resigned yourself to being a junk food junkie because you just can’t seem to break the habit of munching on those not-good-for-you treats. The first step is to break any habits associated with eating that contributes to a shorter lifespan.

If you eat too much standing up by the counter, sit down to eat less. Maybe you’re like millions of Americans and you’re a food muncher while watching television. If that sounds like you, remember that you can’t eat what you don’t have in the house. For someone that struggles to have the willpower to say no, buy only foods that give you a healthy serving.

What if you’ve already tried all of that?

You’ve stopped buying junk food, you don’t eat in front of the television and yet you still find yourself overeating anyway? Then like many others do, you might find that you can benefit from a supplement that will help take the edge off your appetite.

The reason that weight loss is such a huge industry and you see so much advice on eating right.  It’s because eating more food than your body needs shortens your lifespan . It can rob you of the fullness of life that you deserve right now.

So to eat less to live longer is a struggle for you and you’ve tried everything. But can’t do it on your own, then reach out for help. Whether that help is through an eating support group . Or if it’s by getting products that help curb your appetite, then go for it. You deserve a long life and you deserve one that’s well lived.